jueves, 8 de mayo de 2008

Cella Dwellas - " Realms N Reality " (1996)

1: Advance To Boardwalk
2: Mystic Freestyle
3: Perfect Match
4: Medina Style
5: Recognize N Realize
6: Cella Dwellas
7: Wussdaplan
8: Good Dwellas
9: Hold U Down
10: Realm 3
11: Line 4 Line
12: Worries
13: We Got It Hemmed
14: Good Dwellas (Part 2)
15: Outro
16: Land Of The Lost

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Ryan dijo...

i dont know if you get enough credit for this blog but you have some amazing taste in hip hop. Most blogs are filled with a few good lps and the rest is just filler. But you make my day almost... every day. thank you and keep diggin in da crates.

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